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Star Dome is an amazing multimedia planetarium that transports you through time and space. It has entertained, educated and inspired more than 100,000 children and adults across southern Manitoba!




Travel to different parts of the Earth and see the sky from the perspective of other cultures or other ages. Jump off the Earth and see what makes the seasons and the phases of the moon. Continue your journey for a full tour of the solar system, including Jupiter’s moons and the rings of Saturn. You can keep going and see the sights of our galaxy. Visit stellar nurseries, jewel-like clusters of stars and debris from the violent death of massive stars. Step outside our familiar Milky Way and into the realm of other galaxies to visit these vast and majestic cities of stars.


The heart of Star Dome is a multimedia computer projection system that can not only simulate the sky at any time and place, but can zoom in on any object in the sky. Combine this system with a large portable domed theatre and the possibilities for fun and education become limitless.

Unlike older portable planetariums that use a light shining through a cylinder on a mechanical stand, Star Dome uses a state of the art computer projection system. Stars and planets appear life-like and the system can simulate an incredibly realistic sense of motion - like you are actually flying through space.


Adventures have been developed to inspire an appreciation and wonder of the night sky and to create a fun, memorable learning experience for all audiences. Our school programs have been designed to support curriculum objectives found in science, social studies and language arts.


Star Dome operates out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and is available for bookings within the city of Winnipeg as well as in rural communities.


Resources and links are designed to either be used as pre-teaching materials so students have some background knowledge of the concepts covered in the presentation, as follow up activities or further develop your students' understanding and appreciation of the concepts covered in our presentations.


The Stardome far exceeded my expectations. I had always thought I knew what the star dome was, but this experience opened my eyes. The technology and images where spectacular. The real gem, however, was the knowledge and storytelling ability of the presenter. Darren wove tales of mythology, history and science into one riveting presentation. My grade nines were thoroughly engaged. I highly recommend this for all ages. I will definitely book the Stardome again.

Grade 9 Teacher
Westdale Junior High

Jerrold Wiebe

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