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Star Dome operates out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and is available for bookings within the city of Winnipeg as well as in rural communities.

Ask about creating a custom show to fit the unique needs of your group.



  • Star Dome must be set up in an indoor environment. The room must be at least 6m x 6m (20 feet x 20 feet) and have a ceiling height of at least 3.7m (12 feet)

  • The inflatable dome sets up in less than an hour and can accommodate 30 individuals.

  • The audience must be comfortable sitting on the floor for approximately 30 to 60 minutes

  • A school gymnasium is ideal. An auditorium or hall can work well if the ceiling height is at least 12 feet

Darren Townsley

Graduated from the University of Manitoba in Physics (B.Sc.) and has spent the past 25 years as an avid amateur astronomer. His keen interest in astronomy as well as history and mythology has led to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the night sky which he has enthusiastically shared in volunteer outreach programs. Darren has made 4 telescope mirrors from blank glass disks and constructed 2 complete telescopes.


For pricing and information contact us at:

(204) 792-9282

or fill out the form below.

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